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What is true beauty to you? Is it having the perfect skin or the perfect makeup? Or is it something more substantial like the radiant beauty of our full being?

The times we live in have changed. You can feel it the air. The old ways of abusing Mother Nature and her precious animals is coming to an end. Once again, people are starting to realize that real beauty begins with a lifestyle choice – to become a better person.

Our consciousness has risen above our old thoughts, and we are here, together, as humans, non-humans, and the precious planet earth.Together we can accomplish any task and tackle any obstacle. To do this, we must nurture, preserve, and take care of everyone, as a whole.

For too long, the multi-billion dollar beauty industry has thrived on the suffering of others. Many of these companies are guilty of using unethical practices, such as animal testing, to keep you looking “beautiful.”

It’s gotten so bad that many of the products we depend on to stay beautiful instead damage our bodies in ways we couldn’t imagine.

We aren’t fools any longer. We recognize the destruction created, and we now know better. Thankfully there are some bold brands, like SENOVU, that take a stand and push this positivity to the forefront.

Angelica – The Princess of Passion

To understand SENOVU, you must take a look at its founder Angelica. Angelica has always been passionate about nature. After all, this is a woman that follows all the incredible physical and spiritual benefits one can achieve by connecting with the Earth. This core belief co-exists harmoniously, inspiring Angelica to seek out the most natural and healthiest products available.

In the true spirit of giving, Angelica offers her followers a glimpse into her healthy lifestyle. Through a combination of insight, experience, and love, she guides lost individuals back towards a sustainable existence. Her years of research and helpful explanations provide you with the motivation you need to make that much-needed upgrade in your life.


SENOVU’s Mission

SENOVU’s primary goal is to show you can enjoy a healthier and rewarding lifestyle only by making a few fundamental changes in how you look at the world. She explains to you the damage done when you neglect the environment.

This negative energy affects you on all planes, including physically, spiritually, and mentally. Angelia teaches you to master your mind first. Once you are thinking clearly, your physical and spiritual attributes also fall in line.

Using organic products is a crucial step in this transformation. It symbolizes shedding off of the old ways of doing things and embracing a newfound purpose moving forward. It’s about understanding the big picture, acknowledging there is much more to the universe than just your desires. It’s about finding yourself.

In other words, you can’t find the meaning of life until you give it meaning. Angelica is the master at guiding us lost souls back to happiness.

A personal brand.
How Angelica lives her art.

I am
I am Colombian and Australian. Born in Colombia raised in Australia. I am passionate about inner and outer beauty, growth, and self-love.
I believe every woman and man should not have to deprive their health of beauty that contains harsh chemicals.
I believe in self-education about what is in our products so that we can make better choices for our skin health and our environment. I think in the abundance of nature to provide a solution to most skincare concerns.

What I am not
I am not a dishonest person, I do not like holding grudges. I strongly believe in the force of energy and our thoughts. You get what you give and forgiving and letting go gives me a sense of peace. I am not perfect. I also have my flaws, and I am a constant working in progress and eager to inspire others and bring out the best in each person.

Fun means
Exploring other beautiful and exotic cultures, traveling, meeting new people, being in the present moment, no matter where you are in the world what you’re doing or who you’re with. I’ve learned ( and still learning ) that to really enjoy a moment, someone special or a thing you really have to be really all there and this means your mind is not wandering to the past or future. Being present and grateful brings joy, it’s an ongoing practice as we all face daily challenges, but it is possible. 

I secretly love
So many things! Where do I start? I secretly love having time to myself. I personally love quantum physics, believing in the power of the mind and knowing that everything is made up of energy. I love organic food and products, although it is not a secret anymore my family always tease me about this haha.

My sacred space
Clovelly beach. When the ocean is calm, the water is clear and not too cold, the sun is out, and the wind is gentle, to me this is a perfect day to go for a swim connect with the ocean, all by myself. 

I would hate living
I do not like using the word hate. However, I would not like living in the middle of the city, too much pollution and congestion.

My tribe is
My partner, my family, and close friends. Who have supported me in different ways and who have always believed in my dreams.

My wildest dreams
What is wild, haha? I’ve got a lot of dreams; one would be to travel as much as I can. Buy our mum a house, inspire and impact as many people as I can, become a philanthropist. Make a global impact!

Beauty is
The most important concept of beauty is inner confidence, whether that is a constant work in progress; you cannot cover up an ugly attitude or mindset. Just to mention a few qualities, beauty is compassionate, kindness, authenticity, honesty, a sense of humor, someone who laughs and enjoys his/her journey no matter how hard it gets, believing in oneself, generosity, ambitious and a dream chaser. Outer beauty is a bonus, and I believe looking after yourself health-wise, and skin wise is the best gift you can give yourself and our environment. 

Angelica’s story:

Angelica is a professional skincare specialist. She is licensed in beauty therapy and skin needling. Currently, Angelica resides in Sydney, Australia. She has a Colombian background. Notably, Angelica is very passionate about natural and organic skincare products that are safe and do not contain harsh chemicals.

At a young age, she suffered adult acne. Thankfully, with her natural skincare regime and healthy eating choices, she combatted her acne and other skincare concerns, which in return inspired her to create SENOVU.


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