A journey from east to west to celebrate your “youness”

The best and probably most unusual way to describe what Dr. Christine Cheng does for her clients it’s to tap into a story she told me about one of her patients, a 10-year-old boy. It’s truly unforgettable as the simplicity and innocence of children are unbeatable!

They looked at self-affirmation cards and took turns picking ones to relate it to them to build self-esteem.

Her card said, “I am conscientious,” in the front, showing a picture of a boy looking at garbage littered all over the hill. In the back, it said, “I strive to do the right thing,” and showed the boy picking up all the garbage and putting them in the bin.

Her patient described the pictures in the card like this: “Oh, I know! This garbage, they are like the kids you see… they got thrown out by their families maybe because they don’t love them anymore, or maybe because their uncle died or something. What you do is, you pick them up, you clean them up, and you make them feel all better.”

Boom, that’s it, Dr. Christine Cheng in a nutshell!

Based in New York, Dr. Cheng is originally from Taiwan and traveled the world with her parents. She brings those experiences into her practice, providing a sense of belonging and connectedness.

With a solid foundation, experience and expertise, but fun approach, she helps you recognize your strengths, build inner resources, develop a healthy self-concept, and embrace your unique identity. The celebration and appreciation of your “youness.”

And, it was time to bring Dr. Cheng’s story to the online world, creating a magnetic brand for Christine and her clients.

The brand reflects not only Dr. Cheng’s experiences throughout different places of the world but also the tagline “Navigating life’s journeys.”

We defined the brand keywords as unique, exploring, inclusive, connection, whole, community, play, and empathy.

The mood-board is limitless with the ocean for flow and a connection between the new and the old. How radical self-expression looks like without boundaries. Inspiring! The brand’s primary colors are plum for royal, romantic, luxurious, uplifting feeling and blue for safety and calm.

Keeping with the connection between the old, new, and life’s journeys, the logo icon is a ship for fertility, faith, peace, power, life and death, and the afterlife… may it guide you in your journey, adventure, and exploration.

We kept going with the nautical theme, creating secondary icons such as a compass with a lotus flower. The leading brand texture is a hand-made watercolor for flow and playfulness.

We leave you with a few words from Christine that inspire us so much with their beauty and meaning.

“Believe me that you are stronger and more resilient than you recognize right now. You hold hidden depths and untapped resources, whether you know it or not. I am here to support and guide you and hold this space for your healing and growth. During our work together, I will provide you with the tools, techniques, and strategies you need to ease your distress, live with more confidence and mindfulness and become the best version of yourself,”-Christine Cheng, Ph.D.

Love the snippets of the brand below and if you need support in creating one unique to you, connect with us here.

The brand we created for Dr. Christine Cheng, PhD

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